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How to make MVP and turn into a National Geographic and Microsoft partner contract

Once a client approached us and asked us to do an MVP for a project in the field of bioinformatics


Who was the Client?


The world's largest app store for DNA

A member organization of the Global Alliance for Genomics & Health (GA4GH)

Provider of free, secure, unlimited and HIPAA-compliant storage of genetic data to the world

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What business tasks did the partner want to solve?


Create an MVP and start a project in the field of bioinformatics

Elastic cloud engine

Create a scalable cloud service for processing terabytes of genetic data generated by any genetic test and produced by any company

AppStore platform

Create the world's first “open” platform for applications that convert genetic data into meaningful information

Business tasks

What difficulties did the partner face?

Lack of



Freelancers with skills

in narrow niches but no ability to implement a complex project

Tight deadlines

for the project


What results did the partner want to achieve?




  • Implement a scalable project

  • Establish a partnership with multimillion-dollar companies

  • Construct an “open” platform for other application developers

  • Create several mobile applications to demonstrate how to use the platform

Planned achievements

Our 8 steps


Built a distributed cloud platform for processing and validation of genome information that processed files and produced results in seconds




Created a BigYotta system for unlimited uploading of genetic data to the cloud, consistent with the HIPAA-compliant standard

Developed a real-time search system capable of scanning databases exceeding hundreds of terabytes

Launched an up-market for third-party applications from other developers (ecosystem) and, using the open API, enabled other developers to analyze the genetic data files

towards solving the task

Implemented a mobile platform and created an Android- and Apple-compatible app that analyzes a user’s genes and provides personalized guidance for a healthier day


Led cloud and dedicated server infrastructure deployment, monitoring, maintenance and security into common standards

Provided on-site assistance to help organize a hackathon on genomics at Microsoft headquarters in Redmond, Washington



Deployed the remote development team for 6 months, leading the project to success


8 steps


Microsoft Genomics partnership

Generated a partnership with Microsoft Genomics, allowing workloads to be performed with exabytes of data

National Geographic partnership 

Contracted with National Geographic

AppStore platform launched

Established a market where other developers can post their applications (currently including more than 100 apps)

Offshore team built

Built a professional high-capacity team in 6 months; performed full-cycle development, platform support and monitoring


Meet The Plexteq Team


Alex Moskvin


Volodymyr Yaremchuk.jpg

Volodymyr Yaremchuk

Systems architect


Sergey Savalyk

DevOps Lead engineer

Plexteq is a growing IT company focused on Big Data, Back-up Services, IoT, SaaS and other non-trivial domains

Victor Kuvshynov!.jpg

Victor Kuvshunov

QA Lead

Oksana Mazurova.jpg

Oksana Mazurova

Android Lead engineer


Bogdan Laukhin

iOS Lead engineer

Plextq team
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